I wrote the Christmas Angel story with fond memories of being a child growing up in a cottage with my family and mum who especially loved Christmas and appears in one of the illustrations. The story is about an angel who’s sad because she has lost her sparkle and a fairy tries to help her. When the fairy’s magic doesn’t work the angel asks Santa Claus to help her to find her sparkle.

Exerts form the story:-

The little Christmas angel lived in a dusty old box of decorations on top of the wardrobe. Every year the old couple in the cottage said “Where are those Christmas things?” Grandma loved Christmas and when grandad found the dusty old box and said “shall we get another angel this year she looks very dull?”

Santa said to the angel ” Its Christmas Eve when magic happens and you will get your wish”. But when everyone in the house was asleep Elves crept in and unwrapped the presents……..